1000MAPA - Placing Popular Culture
Module Essentials
Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: What is popular culture/media?
Week 3: Audiences & Fandoms
Week 4: Celebrification & Neoliberalism
Week 5: Constructing Sex & Gender
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Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy

Please ensure that you are familiar with the university guidance on Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct.

Student Guides to Assignment Submission

It is important that students familiarise themselves with the assignment submission process described in this guide.

Assignment Briefs:

coursework 1 - presentations.pdf
coursework 2 - essay.pdf

Presentation Groups:

GROUPS *updated*.pdf

Submission links

Coursework 1: Presentations​ - Due 2 April 2019 ❗️

Coursework 2: Essay​ - Due 7 May 2019 ❗️

Some useful information about textual analysis:

textual analysis.pdf
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